Wednesday, September 30, 2009

well friends...

It's been awhile since i wrote a post about Starbucks Coffee.

I just was wondering if you remember my mentioning Starbucks VIA Instant Ready Brew last year? Well, it was on the test market in Seattle and Chicago and was only available to us there. Just wanted to let you know that it is now available to YOU EVERYWHERE. seriously.

And I promise that they will be giving out free samples right now and they are organizing taste tests at your local starbucks this Friday through Monday, so go get some!

I am getting ready to leave for my first convention this fall and I am making sure to pack my VIA. I don't have time to get breakfast at the hotel in the morning (because it takes me WAY long to actually do my hair and makeup in the morning since i haven't really done that Haley's wedding in March. not liein') so i just bring some packages of oatmeal and Starbucks VIA and I am good. And it's cheaper.

A cold front has moved into Utah and there is supposed to be snow in the mountains with these crashing temperatures and pouring rain. It's actually really nice for a change and I'm finding myself a bit bummed that i'm leaving now that the weather has finally turned autumn. But then i realized, that i'm going to PORTLAND, surely i'll catch a bit of rain while i'm there. seriously 3 days in Oregon give me very good odds for precipitation right? Well, not that i want to wear my Marmot hardshell over my fancy schmancy Ann Taylor suit as I walk from my hotel to the convention center.

These conventions are so important in my acquiring new sponsors for our sweet little kiddies. This will be my fourth fall of traveling to teacher conventions with my sign and student pictures in tow. I have tried many different ways of getting peoples' attention: giving out free candy, being pushy, and the way that i've reverted to: praying constantly. Yesterday I started praying that God would be preparing peoples' hearts already to encounter my student profiles. It's a tricky thing, since i'm not "selling" anything. I don't want to talk someone into a one time commitment by making them feel guilty or getting them momentarily excited. We ask for a LONG TERM commitment to these kids every month throughout the remainder of their schooling. So I know that this is something that must be on a person's heart before they see me standing there with these beautiful children.

So these trips are spent in a lot of prayer. And God has always been faithful to bring people to support these children. I am just amazed. Though with the current economic times, we have had many sponsors drop their sponsorship this summer and I have many many kids who have been receiving support who do not now have it. And it makes me concerned for these kids. We need many new sponsors this year.

Maybe after you read this, please just say a quick prayer for me and pray for the hundreds of children that I represent - that God will bring them a sponsor. I would really appreciate the prayer support. Thanks!

Catch up with you again this weekend. Hope you have a fantastic rest of your week.


kcknoles said...

Praying for you, Hannah! So proud of you and the great work you are doing for these sweet kiddos.

Erin said...

Hope the conference is fun.