Friday, September 18, 2009

We knew they would come knocking..

(this picture is not mine, and with new rules from blogger i'm supposed to credit all of the pictures i post. but this picture was saved on my computer a few weeks ago and i have no idea who's it is and couldn't find it again online. i'm sorry, oh brilliant photographer - you are amazing - i am not amazing.)

Yesterday evening, we had some visitors. Quite honestly, my door bell rings AT LEAST once a day with another of my Mormon neighbors there to offer me something delicious to eat and see how we are doing. I wonder if they choose a day on a sign up sheet or something. ha. maybe they do.

But yesterday we had the actual kids on their "mission" stop by to call on us. They were sweet girls. They came in and talked with us while Landon and I were eating dinner - I felt badly that i was not prepared for them with more food. Each of the "sisters" shared their testimony of how they became Mormon and what it meant in their lives. We scheduled an evening next week to go over a "lesson". I guess there is a series of five different lessons that they like to share that give the basics of Mormonism. The title of the first lesson is, "The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ", which in itself is a little off-setting to me. But i'm eager to get into it and learn more.

As Landon and I have been reading different books and i have even so much as gone to the "Relief Society" at our local "ward", we are obviously very serious about learning about Mormonism, as we are completely surrounded and submerged here. Even the sisters said that about 90% of the doors that they have knocked on in our community have been LDS.

I think they thought they hit the jack pot when I answered the door with my nose ring and invited them inside of my house and they saw the empty box of beer on the table. Ha! They were seriously sweet girls and I look forward to their next visit.


Kristen said...

No worries- we aren't scared of beer and nose rings :) If you truly do want to learn about Mormonism-- this is the best way to do it- to learn from those who are Mormon and not those who like to just write about us. Let me know if you ever need anything! :)

Hannah said...

that's good, kristen. i look forward to learning more! i'll let you know how it goes!

Lindsey said...

Lol...this post is funny!