Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Discover these unsigned artists

So some of you will think this is lame. But for those of you who will be really into this, people like my sister, check it out:

I've found this super creative website that showcases TONS of unsigned artists in the Nashville area. In fact, a handful of some of my fav's are on here: Derek Webb, Dave Barnes, Sandra McCracken, Katie Herzig, etc....

I wanted to hear more, so these last few months I've spent a little time adding each artist that has stuff on onto a new playlist that i have called "into the woods". I have replaced my "relax" playlist on the right with this new one for awhile. Probably until Christmas music comes around, or until people start demanding the former play list because it is so stinkin awesome. but i know you won't.

So check it out. You can check out the website, or just listen to the playlist for awhile. Some really really incredible artists on here.


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Anonymous said...

You're right! That website is great! - Janelle