Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Janelle is renting a violin and taking lessons, which Landon and i would both like to do some day, so we asked her to bring it with her. Landon and i both had a lot of fun listening to her play and getting to try it out for ourselves. It's hard to play the violin!

Janelle asked Landon to get out the infamous Banjo. Ha! My family has only HEARD that Landon can play the banjo, but had never seen the instrument or actually heard Landon play (i've only heard him play once 5 or 6 years ago!). We were pretty close to starting a bluegrass band this weekend. but i'm a bit out of place when the only other instruments in the house left for me are: the djembe, the shaker, and the piano. maybe no bluegrass band quite yet.
Landon's TUNING the banjo - Janelle has still yet to actually hear him play it.

Climbing American Fork Canyon

cooling our feet off in the river before we head home


Kristen said...

I totally want to learn to play the violin or the cello!!! looks like fun

aaron said...

Mmmm, your limestone does rock.

Hannah said...

yes, aaron. yes, it does.

Anna said...

Go Janelle! I am so jealous. I've talked about doing the same for years. Justin is actually growing tired of it. Guitar lessons will have to suffice for now since I could use some serious help there as well, although not nearly as much as with the violin. I'm totally impressed.