Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cupcake girl

this little shop caught my eye the first time i saw it. Cutsiecakes was being built as i was moving in. I anxiously awaited the opening of this shop of sweets - over the last few years I've been desperately wanting my very own cupcake shop.

I read Cupcakes take the Cake periodically, and Nie always talks about her local cupcake shop (the Sweet Tooth Fairy in Provo, UT) , which she frequents often. I've been on the look out for my own cupcake haven.

In Illinois, i searched the internet yellow pages and actually visited a few cakeries that boasted cupcakes galore. But i was seriously disappointed. The cupcake selections were pitiful.

In Littleton, i went to a sweet shop in Downtown Littleton and chose 2 of the 4 cupcakes they sell and brought one to my grandmother. We enjoyed cupcakes and coffee together, which was sweet. But the cupcakes were nothing really creative or spectacular.

So when I saw the outside of my local cupcakery, i was ecstatic! At last!!! So a few weeks ago i visited this cute little shop on my way home from the grocery store. It was their grand opening. I told them how excited I was to eat their yummy cupcakes and how i have just been waiting with such anticipation for them to open their doors. The ladies were friendly, and i chose a carrott cake cupcake - the most original of them all, I thought (well, beside the lemon cupcake - but i wasn't in the mood for lemon). The ladies that worked there were so so sweet. And the cupcake was yummy.

I guess that since I've never had my own cupcake shop, i didn't know what to expect. The cupcakes were miniature, in my mind, and $2.50 for each seems like a lot for a mini cupcake (although i just checked their blog, and it looks like they've upped the size and saved the price - that might be worth another visit!). I was hoping for really creative cupcakes like green tea and jasmine or something, but it was all pretty ordinary. Maybe i'm wrong.

Utah Loves Cupcakes is a blog i discovered via the ladies at Cutsiecakes (and i owe the props to the photo above to her). This lady is the MASTER of Utah cupcakes and she gave them a great review. Maybe I just need to get more realistic expectations.

I still really want to be a cupcake girl, but maybe i'm not really cut out for it.


Kristen said...

I have an idea. Let's schedule a time to make some cool ones together! Then you don't have to pay 2.50 each. Or get some ladies in the neighborhood to do a cupcake swap- you all make 12 different cupcakes and swap then so then you can try everyones. I was just telling Jake that cupcakes are super popular right now. :)

Anna said...

Hannah! I just discovered Durango's awesome cupcake place this past week! They are extraordinary looking. Not sure how they taste but they look nothing less than spectacular. I'll treat you to a cupcake date when you come down here next. I can't wait!

Cin said...

i remember your cupcake hunt out here! you came to starbucks afterwards to share with me. :)

crystal noelle mcbrayer said...

My friend in Charlotte, NC is starting her own cupcake business, and is known for her unusual mini cakes, like key lime and hazelnut-better cup. They would make you happy.

crystal noelle mcbrayer said...

OH, and there is an incredible bakery in Rome that makes wonderful ones next time you are here for a visit.

Becky said...

hey! thanks for the props to Utah Loves Cupcakes.

i wish CutsieCakes the best of luck. If your looking for some more creative flavors I'd head down to SLC to Minis Cupcakes she's got some very cool flavors, same with So Cupcake (also in SLC).

I'm hoping CutsieCakes starts to offer more than 6 flavors a day...i want to try her huckleberry.

you should also try the Neapolitan cupcake from Cupcake Chic (provo/springeville) it's my most favorite cupcake in all of utah. (second favorite is The Sweet Tooth Fairy's Cheesecake Cupcake)