Monday, January 7, 2013

Little Baby: 38 Weeks

38 Weeks

At my doctor's appointment on Friday, I measured 3cm dilated and 80% effaced. 

My doctor continues to tell me that this baby could arrive any day. I hope she is right. But walking around expecting a baby and then going to bed each night without her is a little discouraging. 

I remain relatively comfortable, so waiting for this baby is not physically taxing. I am ready to be finished waddling around and peeing every 45 minutes, but at least I am not in any sort of extreme discomfort. We just are so excited to finally get to hold and love our little girl.  

Most of my maternity clothes are becoming too small. How amazing is that?  6 months ago I would never be able to contemplate those clothes being anything but enormous. 

My sweet husband is very dedicated to me. This picture illustrates that perfectly.

 With the inversion in the valley this last week, temps have been in the teens. This means that all of ths snow we got during the week of Christmas is still here. I love having snow on the ground still. We built a snowman in the front yard which has now been marked by every dog in the neighborhood. haha. 

We've been taking Duvick to the park at night to get us all some exercise. As you can see, my jackets are hardly fitting me these days. Luckily this baby keeps my body temps pretty high because I haven't been able to wear my warmer jackets this winter.