Sunday, November 25, 2012

Little Baby: 32 Weeks

Wow. Is it really 32 weeks? These days I'm having a hard time keeping track, honestly.

Last weekend was spent in my hometown. We celebrated my mother's 50th birthday on Friday and on Saturday we had a multi-generational baby shower. My grandmother, mother, and I all invited friends and family. There were 25 women over all, and it was a beautiful celebration. It is really special to see good friends, and almost all of my grandmother's friends have known me my entire life, so it is great to celebrate this baby with them. 

mom-to-be with the hostesses

It was a beautiful and very special shower. My grandmother did a wonderful job making the most incredible food and my mother and sister decorated her home so sweet and planned a very fun craft. It was great.

By the way, i am still extremely surprised every time i see a picture of myself (like just now, looking at the picture above). I certainly feel pregnant, but i don't realize how huge i actually am until i see myself in pictures. I even still try to turn my body sideways to get through narrow spaces - ha! that's a joke! maybe i'll be used to being enormous by the time the baby arrives.

This week we celebrated Thanksgiving with dear friends. With 14 adults, a baby, and 5 dogs, it was a Thanksgiving to remember! This was our first Thanksgiving with friends - we have always been with family or just the 2 of us. Landon began the day skiing, which is the best way to spend any holiday. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for this year. And I am just amazed at how our lives have changed and will change in such a short amount of time. God's blessings are so abundant!

Thanksgiving morning our Christmas tree arrived on our front porch. The last 3 years we have used a pre-pay Christmas tree service from a local familiy. You buy it in advance and they drop it off on your front porch between Thanksgiving and December. It is sitting in our living room smelling gorgeous, but we have yet to decorate it as we have been pretty busy around here.

Yesterday Dooney took Duvick into the desert for some rock climbing and I stayed home and did some crafting. With less than 2 months until our due date, I'm feeling the pressure to get everything ready for Little Baby (is that pressure or just a nesting instict? Either way, it makes me pretty productive!). Now that my baby showers are over, I sat down and surveyed what I still need and tried to see what I could make myself.

I made a seersucker crib sheet a few months ago and decided that I should just buy the rest because they cost more to make than to buy (takes 2 yards of fabric). But I haven't been able to find ANY flannel baby sheets in stock in Target or online. (imagine taking however many minutes it requires to finally soothe a baby to sleep and then place her on a cold cotton sheet. No way! This winter Baby requires flannel!) So I just bought a pair of flannel sheets that were on sale for $15 from Target, and was able to make 2 crib sheets out of that AND a changing table cover. I think I will be able to make another sheet from the remainder (but feel a little guilty giving Baby Girl 3 GREY crib sheets). I need at least 4 sheets since our baby's daycare requires 2 sheets there and i'm sure we will want more than 1 at home as well. Baby sheets are extremely easy to make with Dana's awesome tutorial.  

It's extremely satisfying to be making things for our baby. I really do sit there for hours and think about her as I sew. It's therapeutic for me and makes me feel like I am already being a good mom to my girl. Her nursery doesn't really have any colors or theme yet, although it does in my mind. I think of it as a grey/white/ room with a birdy theme. In reality it's just the room where we keep all of our baby junk so far. I know that grey and white isn't very exciting, but i really wanted a soothing space for our baby, with soft colors. We can go nuts creating a bedroom with tons of color for her once she has opinions about that sort of thing, but for now, I'm just envisioning a very peaceful place for her first year. 

We ordered a dresser that should arrive in the next couple of weeks. So hopefully by Christmas I'll have the nursery better situated with her things laundered and organized in boxes and drawers. I'm excited for that. 

Still on my list of things to make: cloth diapers, cloth wipes, nursing pads. These are each things that I already have in stock - I've received some as gifts and have made some of my own. Yet, I still require more. So those are on my crafting list. Maybe if I can get those done by Christmas I can start to create really FUN things for our little girl, like leggings and hair bows. Maybe by then we'll have a name picked out for her...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Little Baby: 30 weeks

This last week has been an exciting one. Hitting 30 weeks feels like a milestone in itself 10 weeks left: that’s about 2 months. Amazing.

Our back yard on Sunday morning.

We had a major snowstorm here in the Valley that lasted about 48 hours. Friday morning we started to receive flurries and it didn’t stop until Sunday afternoon. I LOVE snowy days, especially when they fall on the weekend! The excitement I always had as a little kid returns each snow storm. I always wonder about the people that rebuke the snow - if maybe their childhoods deprived them of the beautiful snowy memories that mine is so rich with.

Landon was able to ski in 52” of fresh snow Sunday morning. We went into the woods with some friends on Saturday and I was able to snowshoe. It was wonderful to hear and smell the snow as we hiked among the trees. My ski pants didn’t fit too well, but I was still able to get my jacket zipped. This is becoming a problem for me lately: getting my cold weather jackets to fit over my belly. A lot of the time, I can just button the top button and let my belly hang out. I see this becoming an increasingly “bigger” challenge as my pregnancy progresses.

Baby is 3lbs. I can’t believe she still has so much growing to do! I’m not sure where she is going to find the space. She and I are maxed out in this body, I feel like.

Sunday I was able to celebrate Little Baby with friends at a beautiful baby shower. The shower was so fun and so sweet and my friends really “feathered our nest” with lovely gifts and well wishes.  

Baby shower hostesses: Lindsay and Shelley

Landon and I have received so much support during this season of our life and we are so grateful. If we would have had this baby 2 or even 4 years ago, we would have been mostly alone and isolated. In the last year, God has really given us a great community of loving support, which is such a blessing during this baby season so far away from family.

The next two months, I’m sure will fly by. With holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas to plan for and enjoy, they always seem to make time move faster. Our Little Girl will be here soon!

30 weeks!

Pregnancy news:

This third trimester has brought with it de-ja-vu from the first trimester: I am much more tired, and have food cravings again (still salami and chocolate shakes)

I am starting to notice a bit of a schedule of movement from Baby Girl. She goes a little crazy every night around 8 pm, so I like to sit still and enjoy her movements in the evening since I am pretty busy during the rest of the day. She moves a lot when I sing – like Sunday mornings at church. I love that I can feel her frolicking during my own times of worshipping the Lord. It reminds me of when John rejoiced from within Elizabeth’s belly when she saw Mary with child. I think my baby can feel the presence of the holy. Or at least, I like to think of it that way. As her creator is always lovingly working in her, I enjoy that she can join me in my times of worshipping him.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Little Baby: 29 Weeks

A lot of same 'ol, same 'ol happening around here.

Momma and Baby are doing very well. Since she was 14 weeks and was able to hear, I starting singing a particular song to her and still try to sing or hum it to her every day. She usually gets pretty squirmy when I start singing it these days. Although my hope is that it will soothe her when she needs to be soothed once she is born.

The girls that i work with had a baby party for me last weekend. We just sat around and had a good time with great food, drinks, and girl-time. I was amazed at the support I received from my colleagues - I am so blessed! They all pitched in and got us our travel system, so we have a car seat! I am slowly checking off a list of baby MUST-have's and that was on the top!

We are still dealing with Duvick's porcupine problems which is a little stressful. We keep expecting that he will be healed and perfect and then another quill pops up somewhere causing massive swelling and discomfort for him. Sad, sad.

My biggest discomfort pregnancy-wise is my sleep deprivation. I have had to get up multiple times each night to pee since the beginning of my pregnancy, but now I have a lot of tossing and turning and repositioning and "oh shit, i'm lying on my back!" moments on top of the frequent trips to the bathroom. I wake each day with back pain from the night - i'm not sure how to fix this.

The weather here remains gorgeous, which is wonderful. We should have a snowstorm Friday this week, which we are really looking forward to.

This morning as i was driving to work I was thinking about the election and how this one carries more weight to me than others have in the past. The results of this election not only effect me, but they effect the world that i am bringing my daughter into. That is a scary thought.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Little Baby: 28 weeks

Baby is 2 ½ lbs and has eyelashes.

Ginger has been a love of mine in this pregnancy: ginger candies, ginger drinks, etc… are sooooo good. Makes me want to name her Ginger. How cruel would that be? If she turns out to be a red-headed, freckley kid like I was, she’ll be called “Ginger” anyway…

We are still thinking of names for this baby girl.

She is moving a lot more these days. I think she had the hiccups for the first time (or, rather, the first time I’ve noticed). I’m starting to have trouble sleeping some times, but I think Landon has had the worst of it as my snoring keeps him awake more than my pregnancy aches keep me. 

Sitting at my desk for 8-9 hours/day is starting to become more difficult. My back aches by the 6th hour. So I’m trying to get out and walk around the aviary 15 minutes each day and use a heat pack and a stool when I am uncomfortable. Otherwise, I feel wonderful and excited. Now each week that passes really DOES feel like a week closer to when we get to meet our daughter – earlier in the pregnancy,  the expanse of time was so vast that the end wasn’t really in sight.

I am very grateful to have loving friends and family to throw me baby showers, so I am looking forward to some more of those soon.

As far as projects go: The house is still in transition so not much progress on the nursery yet. I sewed my first diaper last weekend, which took me a long time but was a success. Only 10-or-so more to go.

Last weekend landon and Duvick went skiing and Duvick ran into a porcupine. It’s was an incredibly traumatic experience for him (and for Landon too, I think). We’ve been monitoring him closely (landon’s been able to be home with him this week) and we have found and pulled 6 or so more quills out of him in the last week. He is sometimes almost his normal self and sometimes a very hurting and tired puppy. It makes us sad to see our strong and beautiful dog gimp around the house and lack enthusiasm for the things he usually loves. We are hoping he will get better soon.