Monday, November 5, 2012

Little Baby: 28 weeks

Baby is 2 ½ lbs and has eyelashes.

Ginger has been a love of mine in this pregnancy: ginger candies, ginger drinks, etc… are sooooo good. Makes me want to name her Ginger. How cruel would that be? If she turns out to be a red-headed, freckley kid like I was, she’ll be called “Ginger” anyway…

We are still thinking of names for this baby girl.

She is moving a lot more these days. I think she had the hiccups for the first time (or, rather, the first time I’ve noticed). I’m starting to have trouble sleeping some times, but I think Landon has had the worst of it as my snoring keeps him awake more than my pregnancy aches keep me. 

Sitting at my desk for 8-9 hours/day is starting to become more difficult. My back aches by the 6th hour. So I’m trying to get out and walk around the aviary 15 minutes each day and use a heat pack and a stool when I am uncomfortable. Otherwise, I feel wonderful and excited. Now each week that passes really DOES feel like a week closer to when we get to meet our daughter – earlier in the pregnancy,  the expanse of time was so vast that the end wasn’t really in sight.

I am very grateful to have loving friends and family to throw me baby showers, so I am looking forward to some more of those soon.

As far as projects go: The house is still in transition so not much progress on the nursery yet. I sewed my first diaper last weekend, which took me a long time but was a success. Only 10-or-so more to go.

Last weekend landon and Duvick went skiing and Duvick ran into a porcupine. It’s was an incredibly traumatic experience for him (and for Landon too, I think). We’ve been monitoring him closely (landon’s been able to be home with him this week) and we have found and pulled 6 or so more quills out of him in the last week. He is sometimes almost his normal self and sometimes a very hurting and tired puppy. It makes us sad to see our strong and beautiful dog gimp around the house and lack enthusiasm for the things he usually loves. We are hoping he will get better soon.

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Brooke Hereth said...

Ginger is the cutest name!