Thursday, October 25, 2012

27 weeks: Little Baby

 Little Baby is 27 weeks old! That means that we are happily in our third trimester. Having had a baby shower last weekend really made things sink in: a baby is coming soon and forever. 

Doons and I at our baby shower in the mountains

Our crib that landon refinished and assembled this week. I found this crib at a garage sale in my hometown 5 years ago and just loved it. It has been in my grandmothers attic waiting for a day when we could use it. I know that is weird.i don't have anything else like that. We have purchased several other things for Little Baby second hand, but only recently.

Thus begins the nursery assembly. It's a tad overwhelming. Thankfully, our kid won't care much what her room looks like. This week Doons has been hard at work moving the house around to make room for Baby. We live in a very small little house.

This morning we woke to snow in the Salt Lake valley and the mountains have been receiving the powder for a few days now. When I got off of work we headed straight for the mountains and enjoyed an evening hike into the forest where the snow was dumping like crazy. It was so beautiful and special. Landon and I celebrate the first snow every year with a little skiing. Although this year I snow-shoed for the sake of our baby. I didn't want to chance any falling. Took me awhile to find a jacket that could zip over my bump, but I managed.

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