Monday, October 1, 2012

God so loved the WHOLE WORLD...

Awhile ago, the intern at our church preached about salvation for the whole world. And as I was sitting there, I started thinking about the world and the state that it is in. I started thinking about my role in the world as one who already knows the truth and lives in the freedom that Christ's grace provides. And then I started thinking about our baby.

The realization that God sent his only son to save my daughter still brings me to tears. Her salvation is more important to me than anything else that I could hope for her life. And I am overwhelmed in humility that not only is God creating her and caring for her in her developing state, not only does he love her more than I am ever capable, but he already has a plan for her life where he could be center if she chooses him to be.

I am so amazed. I am humbled that God came for ALL, not just for me or for America or for this world, but even for our baby. 


Anonymous said...

how can you be sure your baby is not one of the vessels of dishonor that god predestined for wrath before the foundation of the world (it's in Romans 9)?

Bo said...

a few thoughts...
First, her daughter is a child of the Covenant. This carries substantial weight with respect to "salvific probability" in that God has promised parents to demonstrate himself to their children (Gen 17, Acts 2). H&L's daughter will be exposed to the Gospel of Christ from a young age, nurtured into maturity through it's wisdom, and Lord willing come to know Christ in a substantial way through this process.

Second, there's a faulty assumption here that needs challenging, namely "God wants people to reject him." You mention Romans 9 as an apparent proof text, yet you fail consider one of Paul's broader points, ala vs 6 & 13, that God is not culpable for man's rejection of Him. It's a tragedy when those associated with God's people fail to embrace the covenant by the heart, but this doesn't somehow divorce God's judgment from God's Grace.
By way of example, God provided for all of Israel in the wilderness, not just those who embraced the covenant internally. Those who rejected God's promises did so in full demonstration of his power. Are you able to argue then that God is then working against Himself in these circumstances? The answer is most certainly no.

Man is not some ship that will list pagan or Christian because of external pressures, serendipitous encounters, or heavy handed divine oppression. God loved the world and sent Christ to die for it, not to condemn it. To put thing more practically, God cares more about H&L's daughter than they do. He most definitely desire to have her confess Him as Lord. To presume on His actions beyond that is to access the mind of God Himself.

Philosophically, tomes and vials have been thrown at this idea, and I would suggest you read up on that before coming onto an excited mother's blog and ruin her day.

Finally, scripture is not some sword you swing around carelessly swiping and slashing at people to determine their theological/philosophical underpinnings. A comment like this demonstrates a lack care for your sister, and juvenile understanding of God, and a mean-spirited attempt to be smug. Next time, don't try and be smug, try and love someone through your screen time.