Monday, September 16, 2013

loved from the start

These last 8 months that I have been doting over my daughter, I have often thought of the other babies in the world...

In the moments that I am with my baby, I am kissing her, singing to her, tickling her, and absolutely adoring every little bit of her. And when she cries, I rush to soothe her. And when she is hungry, I feed her. And when she has a dirty diaper, I change and clean her so she is fresh and comfortable. And I keep her warm, and take her places, and keep her close to me.

And I know that there are children left in soiled diapers, on the brink of starvation. Children who lay screaming with no one to hear their cries or hold and comfort them. There are children that are not kissed and sung to, and held and hugged and loved. And it breaks my heart.

I wish all children were loved as much as my Gillian is loved.

Every child deserves to be adored, to be the middle of somebody's world. That is the best start that you could hope for, for every person to be loved from the start.