Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"The Mountains"

We were really fortunate to spend last weekend in "the mountains" with Landon's family. Every year his family meets at a cluster of cabins in the Appalachian Mountains in Bryson City, North Carolina. We had only been once in our 8 years of marriage and since we are missing the McBrayer family Christmas this year, it was especially great that we could go. 

Of the 15 nieces and nephew that we love, 11 of them were able to make it, with the oldst at 6 yrs and the youngest at 1 week old. It is wonderful to be surrounded by the kiddos. We also were able to see many aunts, uncles and cousins that we haven't seen in several years. And it's so fun to see Landon's siblings as parents. We had such a great time connecting with the family that we dearly love!

Soon-to-be-Parents and looking forward to it!! this picture still surprises me. I look enormous! I had no idea that i was "showing" so much. 27 weeks! 13 more to go  (more or less).

During our weekend in NC, my sisters-in-law threw me my first ever baby shower. It was such a beautiful and special celebration. Doons, Little Baby and I were "showered" with several lovely gifts, and enjoyed ice cream sundaes and fun games (the men even had a beer "bottle" drinking game, which was hysterical!). It was a very special time to celebrate with family. Landon and I are so grateful for the support and love that surrounds us and our little girl.

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