Thursday, November 8, 2012

Little Baby: 29 Weeks

A lot of same 'ol, same 'ol happening around here.

Momma and Baby are doing very well. Since she was 14 weeks and was able to hear, I starting singing a particular song to her and still try to sing or hum it to her every day. She usually gets pretty squirmy when I start singing it these days. Although my hope is that it will soothe her when she needs to be soothed once she is born.

The girls that i work with had a baby party for me last weekend. We just sat around and had a good time with great food, drinks, and girl-time. I was amazed at the support I received from my colleagues - I am so blessed! They all pitched in and got us our travel system, so we have a car seat! I am slowly checking off a list of baby MUST-have's and that was on the top!

We are still dealing with Duvick's porcupine problems which is a little stressful. We keep expecting that he will be healed and perfect and then another quill pops up somewhere causing massive swelling and discomfort for him. Sad, sad.

My biggest discomfort pregnancy-wise is my sleep deprivation. I have had to get up multiple times each night to pee since the beginning of my pregnancy, but now I have a lot of tossing and turning and repositioning and "oh shit, i'm lying on my back!" moments on top of the frequent trips to the bathroom. I wake each day with back pain from the night - i'm not sure how to fix this.

The weather here remains gorgeous, which is wonderful. We should have a snowstorm Friday this week, which we are really looking forward to.

This morning as i was driving to work I was thinking about the election and how this one carries more weight to me than others have in the past. The results of this election not only effect me, but they effect the world that i am bringing my daughter into. That is a scary thought.

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