Friday, November 16, 2012

Little Baby: 30 weeks

This last week has been an exciting one. Hitting 30 weeks feels like a milestone in itself 10 weeks left: that’s about 2 months. Amazing.

Our back yard on Sunday morning.

We had a major snowstorm here in the Valley that lasted about 48 hours. Friday morning we started to receive flurries and it didn’t stop until Sunday afternoon. I LOVE snowy days, especially when they fall on the weekend! The excitement I always had as a little kid returns each snow storm. I always wonder about the people that rebuke the snow - if maybe their childhoods deprived them of the beautiful snowy memories that mine is so rich with.

Landon was able to ski in 52” of fresh snow Sunday morning. We went into the woods with some friends on Saturday and I was able to snowshoe. It was wonderful to hear and smell the snow as we hiked among the trees. My ski pants didn’t fit too well, but I was still able to get my jacket zipped. This is becoming a problem for me lately: getting my cold weather jackets to fit over my belly. A lot of the time, I can just button the top button and let my belly hang out. I see this becoming an increasingly “bigger” challenge as my pregnancy progresses.

Baby is 3lbs. I can’t believe she still has so much growing to do! I’m not sure where she is going to find the space. She and I are maxed out in this body, I feel like.

Sunday I was able to celebrate Little Baby with friends at a beautiful baby shower. The shower was so fun and so sweet and my friends really “feathered our nest” with lovely gifts and well wishes.  

Baby shower hostesses: Lindsay and Shelley

Landon and I have received so much support during this season of our life and we are so grateful. If we would have had this baby 2 or even 4 years ago, we would have been mostly alone and isolated. In the last year, God has really given us a great community of loving support, which is such a blessing during this baby season so far away from family.

The next two months, I’m sure will fly by. With holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas to plan for and enjoy, they always seem to make time move faster. Our Little Girl will be here soon!

30 weeks!

Pregnancy news:

This third trimester has brought with it de-ja-vu from the first trimester: I am much more tired, and have food cravings again (still salami and chocolate shakes)

I am starting to notice a bit of a schedule of movement from Baby Girl. She goes a little crazy every night around 8 pm, so I like to sit still and enjoy her movements in the evening since I am pretty busy during the rest of the day. She moves a lot when I sing – like Sunday mornings at church. I love that I can feel her frolicking during my own times of worshipping the Lord. It reminds me of when John rejoiced from within Elizabeth’s belly when she saw Mary with child. I think my baby can feel the presence of the holy. Or at least, I like to think of it that way. As her creator is always lovingly working in her, I enjoy that she can join me in my times of worshipping him.


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