Sunday, September 27, 2009

Climbing Maple Canyon

Yesterday we climbed Maple Canyon.

(as always, click on images for a better idea)

A two hour's drive south of Salt Lake City past Provo through a rural community (called Freedom - next to Jerusalem), lies a beautiful canyon with truly unique rock. Because this canyon is slathered with maples, we were hoping to see some amazing fall foliage, but it looks like we were a bit too early. Maybe we'll have to plan a camping trip in a couple of weeks.

I've never climbed cobblestone before. Linds, Brandon, Aaron and Sara, I got this close up just for you!

This stuff was crazy to climb. Our first few runs we came down super pumped and exhausted because these walls were very steep and over hanging, so you're making big moves for these huge jugs that you see everywhere and they end up to be  crazy slopers. so we were sliding off our holds and getting really tired because it took a lot longer to make the moves because we had to find good hand holds even though the feet were sure.

Eventually we knew what to look for: the best holds were the pockets where the rocks USED to be. Landon and i were trying to decide if the first climb that we did was ACTUALLY the hardest climb or if it was the hardest because we were getting introduced to this crazy cobblestone. It was awesome.

Here's a booty shot of me on that first climb. "What the heck is this stuff!?"

Landon on rappel.

This is from Duvick's point of view. Whenever Duvick sees Landon starting to descend a climb, he get's so excited. He'll seriously watch Landon the entire time. So cute.

This wall is called "the pipeline" because everything is super overhanging and it's actually shaped exactly like a pipeline. Wish i had a better picture. It was crazy.

Here's Landon in "the Pipeline". Unfortunately, i didn't get a good shot of him at the anchors of this climb. This climb was really really steep. Can't tell as well in the picture. Landon was awesome.

Aw. my boys. Don't they look so happy together? They really love each other.

Having fun. And a little FYI: those cutsie earrings I'm wearing are a handmade gift to me by a very good friend who has a really awesome etsy shop.


Denae and Josh said...

Thanks for the shout out hannah. love ya!

aaron said...

wow - that stuff looks even more sketchy than sandstone! i love yous guys' adventures. always looks like a good time.

Anna said...

Awesome Hannah. That looks like a lot of fun. I was hoping you two were out enjoying the woods. WE took a long hike yesterday and Patrick was a trooper. We pretty much bush whacked since the trail hadn't been used in a really long time. I thought of you often!

Brandon and Callie said...

Wow! that rock looks really wierd. what about it made it harder to climb? bc from the pics it looks like there's a ton of hand-holds/foot-holds stickin out.
boy, i miss climbing with you guys. that was good times.

Erin said...

Great photos. What a fun weekend.