Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It is by believing in Roses that one brings them to Bloom

I love roses.

My mother always had a rose garden at every house I lived in. Every home we moved to (we only lived in 3 that i can remember fully), she would plant lilac bushes and then on the South side of the house, Roses.

Both of my grandmothers had(have) amazing rose gardens.

I love to have fresh flowers in the house. And I am so grateful to have my own roses for the first time! I have 4 rose bushes planted on the south side of our house. When i arrived, it looked like someone had taken a chainsaw to square them off. Not a bloom on them. I spent a couple of hours with them, pruning every single stem in the way my grandmother taught me- down to the 5-leaf.

And though it was near the end of the summer, i hoped that from these square bushes would come some beautiful blooms to warm our new home.

It's been a month now and they have grown beautifully (a little out of control, actually) and they are now all four in bloom!!! And i LOVE it. It makes me happy.

So we have little pockets of rosies in our house (like posies, get it?)
and it's so relaxing for me to bring my pruning bowl and sheers into the yard and spend some time with my roses. Some for the kitchen, some for the bathroom, some for my office, and some remaining for the neighbors to continue to enjoy.


em said...

i cannot even tell you how much i LOVE that you're wearing sock with your chacos :) my favorite!! love your flowers. love reading about your life. LOVE from colorado.

doons said...

"it is by believing in God that one brings Him to exist"

-Nothing is better than God
-A ham sandwich is better than nothing
-Thus, a ham sandwich is better than God.

Anna said...

Wow. Hannah. Those roses look incredible. How fun to be able to help cultivate something so beautiful. Love the socks. I know that is a secret warm cozy love of yours as much as your coffee in the mornings.