Monday, September 21, 2009


(photo by Stephen Laverack)
I'm not sure what to write to you, this Monday morning. I usually do a weekend re-cap, but i did that a little yesterday.

I wish i could write something to encourage you. something profound. Something that makes this particular Monday a great Monday! Because, seriously, Mondays are rough.

They started being rough when we were in grade school. Especially around this time of year. It's a cold walk to school this morning, and though the day should warm into the 70's, this morning is 40-something. i had to shut all the windows in my house and dig deep into my drawers for some wintery warmies. And if i were walking a mile to school today, i know i would have a warm jacket and mittens on, even if they would be useless the rest of the day. And cold Mondays are rough when you're a kid. I would always rather be home watching Dennis the Menace than walking in the cold, worrying about if little what's-his-name would try to kiss me on the playground again during recess. being a kid is rough.

Being an adult brings dreary Mondays as well. I always sleep in a little later on the weekends because i turn off my alarm. Just about an hour later each day, but it makes Monday mornings seem so much earlier. And it's hard to wake, knowing that the beautiful carefree weekend is over and yet another jam-packed work week is upon us. It's rough.

Although i know i am lucky. I do wake with a bummer to my alarm during the week and i do wish for the weekend to come swiftly to rescue me from long work days. But, at least I get to drink my pot of coffee down to the last drop, because i don't leave my home. At least i'm STILL wearing my winter warmies and my work day starts in just 15 minutes....and i have no intention of washing my hair or putting on makeup. I don't have to pack a kid into a car seat and race through rush-hour to get to work on time. I know, i'm pretty lucky to spend my Mondays (and every other day for that matter) in my own house without the frenzy of commuter family mornings.

Landon has it even harder: I've heard his alarm go off probably 8-10 times in the last hour and a half. Mornings are hard for him. Especially when he is up late studying. Especially when the house is cold.

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