Tuesday, September 8, 2009

There has been a lot to do in my office

My sister came in to SLC Thursday evening and first thing Friday morning we set to work. My sister is a mastermind when it comes to organization and i simply am quite the opposite. I mean, i know that things are categorized on shelves and everything, but when one is without shelves and is on a low budget, i can't quite conger up the best ideas to put everything in its place. So I call on Nell.
My office has been tricky. In Illinois, my desk was in the family room. We had a small house, so there really wasn't any other place. And then all of my files were put in a organizational system by Landon, actually. They were in card board filing boxes in the laundry room on a nice sturdy shelf. And all of my supplies were in the cupboards above the washer and dryer. And it worked alright. Until the boxes got weighed down and started to bend and make it difficult and slow-moving to access anything. And each time i needed into a box, i had to remove it from the shelf, open the top, and dig in. Which worked, but was not a long-term option. And when ACSI first allowed me to work from home, it was on a trial basis. So i was not about to invest into equipment to house the sponsorship program in my house if they were just going to take it all back.

But they didn't. So now i'm thinking long term. And now i have my own room. So Nell and I went to work in making this the best work space possible. I still have a few small things to do, but everything is in order. Unfortunately, i don't really have any before and after photos of Janelle's work, but we did get a little crafty, and i have some shots of that.

I have inherited and purchased some filing cabinets. I was using 10 boxes for filing (each box is the size of one drawer), so i was looking initially for some really nice wooden filing cabinets, that are the long, wide drawers, so i could still use the space on top and everything would be pretty. but those are hundreds of dollars. So i have 4 two-drawer filing cabinets and i have acquired in the last month. Enough for 8 drawers: WONDERFUL! However, not one matches the other in height, color, or even material. So i decided to have a little fun with them.

Nothing that some pretty paper and ModPodge won't spruce up!


Anna said...

Good job Janell! (and Hannah). It looks great. But I think you should cover the entire cabinet! Maybe another project for another time...

Kristen said...

cute!! That looks like fun:)

Haley said...

Cute idea!! Looks good!