Wednesday, September 2, 2009

okay, here it is...

Ladies, thank you so much for your advise about my stupid little Singer. I will heed your wisdom and experience and take my Singer in for a tune-up. This may take me awhile because i'm lazy, and a little busy. So instead of waiting until i have an awesome finished product to show you, i thought i'd just show you my progress.

I wanted something VERY simple but a little more complicated than cloth napkins (my first project) for my ambitious second sewing project. I found this really simple, free, and well explained pattern online and thought to give it a shot.

I went to my local thrift store and picked up one beautiful pillow case for $2. While i was there, i found a beautiful piece of green fabric that was sort of retro-ish, that i thought i might be able to somehow incorporate into the apron because the green coordinated so beautifully with the green in the pillow case.

Well, I started following the instructions and had everything going pretty well. But it was boring looking to me, so i decided to go crazy and cut apart my green fabric - which should be pretty simple. And after getting so frustrated with my machine, i decided i was going to sew SOMETHING, so i just cut some leaves out of the green retro fabric and tossed them on the corner.

That's about as far as i got before my machine went completely ca-put. I have ONE pocket sewed on, and the sash i have sewed on one side only. A little farther along than the picture shows, but not much!

Some day i will finish it. But right now my easy sewing project has just become sort of a headache with a bum sewing machine.


Kristen said...

that's great! I am trying to learn to sew better so my projects aren't that great.. but it's fun. my sewing machine was purchased at a garage sale and luckily still runs :)

Brandon and Callie said...

i love it! online tutorials are THE best way to teach yourself to sew (i think). glad you're having fun :)

Brooke Hereth said...

that looks so good! great job. love the choices of fabric!