Tuesday, September 29, 2009

watch me wild and free

(photo by John and Ketura)

One thing that I've said that i miss most about Colorado is the ability to enjoy the outdoors on a whim:

 "I miss going rock climbing after work whenever we feel like it, or going to the Garden to run the trails before sunset, or making a bonfire in the mountains with friends on a random Friday night" and the list goes on.

So yesterday after Landon got done with his classes and some additional studying and after i closed out my day of work, he says to me, "want to go up into Ogden and climb before it gets dark?"

My reaction was, "what!? are you crazy?!"

All that went through my head was the work that i needed to get done before i leave for Portland Convention tomorrow morning and the fact that i want my tulips planted before the first frost, which very well could be Wednesday (forecast for snow!), and that i had a yummy dinner planned, and we would only get 2 hours of climbing in before sunset anyway, and it was rush hour, and, and, and....

AND then I realized that i certainly haven't gotten too old, too boring, too busy to reject a random evening of outdoor fun with the man of my dreams. HELLO!!! This is what you've been complaining about missing for the past 2 years! 

In less than five minutes we were in the VW driving 89 parallel to the mountains, amazed at the beauty of the beginning of fall among the forests along our drive: brilliant reds and oranges wihtin the green. With the windows down and 80's power ballads on the radio, headed to a new crag with my beautiful and smiling husband - i couldn't have been happier.


Kristen said...

sounds like fun. Good luck in Portland!

Brianne Mullins said...

Oh Hannah, i loved this post. I loved reading about your spontaneous adventure. Most of all I loved reading abut your thoughts on Colorado because i had the, "Oh my gosh I used to be at those bonfires" reaction.

I miss you, lovely. I left the blog world for awhile but I am glad to be back and reading your words. Hearing about the truly gorgeous things the Lord is doing in your and Landon's life.