Saturday, October 3, 2009

Portland debrief

Hey lovies!

Thanks for your prayers about my time in Portland. I am hoping that it was successful - that through my follow-up with the contacts that I've made, we will have some more kids with their tuition paid to their Christian school (among other huge needs) taken care of. I have been traveling with this most precious little boy named Teodor who is an orphan from Moldova and he has been so heavy on my heart to get sponsored (on second reading, it sounds like he is actually with me - no - in fact, i just carrying around his picture and profile info). He's so cute - has his head buzzed right down the middle, but not the rest - such a cutie!

Portland is one of the neatest cities I've ever been to for convention. And coffee flows like water there - i was in heaven, and entirely too caffeinated!

While i was in Portland, I got to spend TWO EVENINGS with some of my best friends: Brandon and Callie (the DelGrosso's). It was amazing. Since I've been having such wonderful preliminary conversations with people out here, it's just moves me so deeply to get to have conversations with people where love and understanding and knowing has been prevalent for many many years - we were in each other's weddings, we supported each other through struggles: spiritual, emotional, physical, and saw each other graduate college, fall in love with our wonderful spouses, struggle in relationships, school, ministry, and "finding our place". How amazing to have friends that understand you so completely. We really do miss this as we have been separated from close friends these last few years. It is such a gift to have the DelGrosso's  in our lives and to have their love and commitment to us still!!! Gosh, it's amazing. no words for that really.

Welp, this is a short post without any pictures. Landon's parents will be here in four hours and we need to spruce up the house a bit and we also need to make a quickish dash into the mountains to purchase a ski pass for the season - the price is excruciating, but it actually goes up tomorrow. So there is much to do here and we are so excited to see family today!!!

Better blogging to come in a few days. Right now i'm just reveling in time with people we love. It's wonderful!


Merritt said...

glad all went well hannah. enjoy the padres!

The Jardons said...

adam and i were back in portland in august... i was born and raised there and we love going back it's sooooo beautiful!!!