Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mormon Coffee

So you know that since we have moved here to the Wasatch Front, we have been desperately trying to learn about the LDS culture and religion here. Before I came, i knew that Salt Lake City had the reputation of being the Mormon "hub" of the entire world, but I had NO IDEA how much Mormonism permeated the entire culture here. Even so much as to influence the non-mormons against religion as a whole. It is an amazing disparity between the Mormons and the "Gentiles" out here. I have noticed that the many people who are not LDS are sure to make it known in their appearance: many tattoos, piercings, dress, (im)modesty, etc... So when i'm walking through the grocery store, for instance, it is pretty easy for me to feel completely out of place if all the women surrounding me are dressed modestly with primmed hair styles and three kids in tote.

But yet, I don't really fit in with the non-LDS crowd out here either, although i feel like i'm all-of-the-sudden making some kind of statement when i'm sipping on a latte these days.

Alright, i'm an adult. I don't need to be "in with the in crowd". But I do need a community out here. Landon and I have actually decided on a church here, which makes me VERY excited!!! Check out the website for our church, if you would like: Alpine Church

I'm reading a blog sometimes called Mormon Coffee. I found it when i was searching the internet to see if I could learn more about the LDS General Conference that was in town earlier this month. This blog is put together by a former LDS currently Evangelical Christian. I'm not advocating this blog as being an authority on  Mormonism or on Evangelicalism. It is sometimes a bit opinionated (but hey, it's a BLOG - what would this blog be without my opinions?) but it is also pretty interesting.

Don't worry friends, I am also reading info from other websites to learn more about LDS, like this one: (created by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), and this one: (created by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints).  I am definitely not a "seeker". I have no interest in pursuing Mormonism as a prospective faith for me. But I do desperately want to understand and love my neighbors here. Many of my LDS friends have told me that they are available for questions any time that i might have any - i think some of you even read this blog. So thank you so much for that! Right now I don't really have solidified questions, I more am just trying to continue to learn so i'm reading a lot. Let me know if you have any reading suggestions; I am open!

And just a little FYI: I'm leaving for Sacramento for an ACSI convention in an hour, so I will be MIA again this week. Catch up with you on the flip side! Enjoy the snow while I am in sunny California!


Anna said...

You're a blogging fool. Are you making up for no blogs over the weekend? I always wondered what those garments looked like, although I guess it may not be accurate. I hope you can find some community. Like minds mean a whole lot more in an environment where there are none. We'll be there in a month! Although after a dinner of tough conversation you may wish for the less deep kind...

Erin said...

I see there is a Mormon Muffin calendar coming out for 2010. It doesn't look particularly educational except for the 12 muffin recipes that go with the each ex-communicated cupcake. (grin) Hope you are enjoying the day.

Kristen said...

FYI- as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (or Mormon) garments are very sacred to us so making a joke about them or posting pictures like that is a bit offensive... just thought you'd like to know that for the future. :)

the bradleys said...

I think I've mentioned this before, but "Leaving the Saints" by Martha Beck was the most influential book and easy to read that i've com across on the topic. it will fill you up with questions to ask your neighbors! love ya, enjoying your blog.

becky b.