Thursday, October 8, 2009

family visit

We had so much fun with Landon's parents. We tried to give them a good taste of Utah, even though we haven't been here very long to know the delicacies ourselves. It was wonderful to have them here. Lots of time in conversation, playing cards, and eating :)

On the day they arrived, we took Mike and Charleen into the mountains a bit. We took a gondola ride up to the top of the mountain in Snowbasin. It was beautiful riding over the colorful trees and fresh snow. Seeing the mountains surrounding us made me feel so at home. It was so fun!!

Mike and Charleen on the gondola

Callie, this one's for you. A picture with BOTH of us in it! Us at the top of the mountain

See if you can spot the wildlife:

We spotted 3 moose and 4 deer on our way down the mountain!

Our visit to the Salt Lake Temple - we didn't go IN, of course, but we enjoyed looking around.

Beautiful building. A meeting house in Temple Square, SLC.

But the most meaningful part of their trip you can't put into pictures. We were so blessed to have time with them. With such a huge family, it is rare to have time alone with Landon's parents, so we really cherished that. I felt spoiled, as Landon was studying and in class a lot so i got to spend a lot of time with them doing things that Landon doesn't usually enjoy, like Scrabble and eating at Quizno's. They spoiled me. We miss them.


Brandon and Callie said...

yay! thank you hannah!!

Erin said...

Great photos.

Merritt said...

I know you enjoyed them hannah - and its always nice to do some different things from normal daily life.

thekingpin68 said...

A nice visual blog.

Russ (Blogger next blog)