Monday, October 19, 2009

Anniversary Hiking Indian Trail

Our anniversary on Saturday was a blast!

Last year I was working for ACSI at a convention on our anniversary. Landon prepared us a quick and delish cheese fondue when i got home that night.

The year before I was completely exhausted from a long week of early mornings at the 'Bucks. We were driving to North Carolina to meet Landon's family at "the mountains". I slept the whole car drive. We camped in Indiana and i woke in a puddle - not kidding - it had poured rain all night long and i didn't notice at all. My hair was soaking wet and my cell phone was totally submerged and didn't ever work again.

Before that, Landon was waiting tables that night but somehow we had a nice dinner and celebrated two years with lots of snow!

Our first anniversary, we celebrated in Nairobi, Kenya with dinner and a movie ("Fever Pitch").

So it was about time we had a smashing anniversary again! Being on a Saturday this year, we could have fun the whole day!

We went for a beautiful hike through Ogden canyon's changing forests on Indian Trail. Thus named because supposedly, it is a trail that was developed by the native Americans as an alternative trail through the canyon when the river below was flooded.

It was beautiful. And fun.

Then we went into Ogden and had a wonderful dinner at Bistro 258 - cute and elegant local place that was very appreciative to have some business.

After that, we walked to the Egyptian Theatre in downtown Ogden where we saw "Dynasty", the Warren Miller film of 2010 ski season. We left late and totally excited for snow!

We even came home and put our skis on!


Anna said...

What a hot couple. So glad you managed to really celebrate this year. I can't wait to see you in a couple of days!!! I've been craving that cupcake. And coffee. It always seems to taste better with one of my favorite people!

Anna said...

I am really loving that first picture, by the way.