Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Mountains:

Last Wednesday when Landon got home from class, we crammed our stuff into the Passat and headed on a 7 hour drive to Indiannapolis (should have been 5 hours, but we got stuck in Chicago traffic for...i kid you not...2 hours). After a glass of wine and some reminiscing (happy 3 year anniversary us!) we went to sleep in our trusty tent and awoke at 2 am to a pounding storm! Actually, Landon awoke to a storm - i didn't even notice it as i was SO sleepy from having opened Starbucks the last 3 days. He told me later that i was sleeping with my hair (and i discovered later - my phone) in a puddle of water below my sleeping bag - who knew!?

The next day we ventured to North Carolina to meet landon's family at their yearly reunion - "The Mountains" as it is so appropriately called. What a joy to be with family again! And to be amongst beautiful changing leaves upon rolling mountains! We got to see our nieces! And meet little Greenlee for the first time. I can't explain the preciousness of being with family again - just to be stranded out here without any close friends or family makes time with family even more valuable and cherished.

here are some pictures - all a part of the essential "mountains" experience:

Caramel Apples in Cherokee

Cherokee people

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