Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Grilled Cheese with Ketchup

Wives of McBrayer men (and Brent) have come to a shocking realization that when grilled cheese sandwiches are enjoyed with tomato soup, the scrumptious feast is never complete without globs and globs of.....ketchup. I have finally come to accept the fact that my husband will not grow out of putting ketchup on his grilled cheese sandwich. I was convinced that it is an act of nostalgia as he was raised this way, until yesterday. Yesterday Landon made himself a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch dipped in lots of ketchup. "You're a freak," I endearingly called him. "I was raised like this - everyone in my family dips their grilled cheese in ketchup," he explained. "I bet NO ONE in your family still eats their grilled cheese with ketchup, Landon," I assured him. The bet was on! He called everyone in his family last night and it was proven to me that ALL the McBrayers (by blood - not marriage) eat grilled cheese with ketchup - even Charleen (i was shocked!). Well, i guess this is not something that Landon will grow out of - and i imagine that all future little McBrayers will eat their grilled cheese smothered in (high-sodium) ketchup.

I love being a McBrayer. Learning more sweet and silly things about my husband and my family every day!

(at least they're not finding spiritual figures on their grilled cheese - it could be even more strange!)

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