Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday sticky Sunday

Tomorrow night is my turn to bring snacks to my womens' bible study. I was hoping to bring an autumnal snack for the ladies, and one that is eater-friendly. Somehow Landon and I decided that caramel popcorn balls were a great idea. So...I just finished my first-ever candy making afternoon. I called my mother-in-law for the recipe and cooking instructions, and while i was at it, i got another family recipe for caramel (at the request of my husband). So today i made these delicious caramel popcorn balls (i think they are the best caramel balls i have ever tasted - truly!) and i made caramel candy squares (still waiting for them to cool). As I was definitely NOT lacking caramel this afternoon, i ventured to dip some apples into the caramel as well. YUMMY! i love autumn. i love caramel.... and i do think that i have a sugar headache. I hope the ladies like the caramel balls tomorrow. Maybe i'll bring some apple cider to go along with it!


Brandon and Callie said...

oh my goodness. those popcorn balls look amazing! mind sharing the recipe?!?!:)

Lindsay Schneck said...

Oooooo! Those look delish! I am definitely beginning that part of pregnancy where I am pretty much always up for a snack. I would LOVE the recipe if it is one you can share :)