Sunday, October 14, 2007

Aunt Sheels and Uncle Doons

These our our nieces: Addison, Greenlee and Avery

This is Patrick, the eldest of all our nieces and nephews - setting a good example for the rest, huh? he's quite the cutie!

Aeneas, our other nephew, Patricks little brother. Hehe. Their mom sends us awesome pictures of them with captions.

Here is a picture of Avery giving Addison a hug. Addison will understand her cousin's affection in time.

we love our nieces and nephews.

We are so excited because we get to see our nieces this week in North Carolina! and we'll get to see our nephews for thanksgiving!

And for those of you who don't know and are wondering - yes, we ARE the ONLY married couple on either side of our families who do NOT have chillins'.

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Brandon and Callie said...

i sure hope we'll see y'all at christmas! maybe we could catch coffee or something in denver. we will be in colorado the 21-29 and will be in denver the first part of that. when will you guys be home??