Sunday, September 30, 2007

Duvick meets Mr. Beaver

Yesterday we took Duvick on a walk next to the river behind the middle school, where landon threw dummies for him to retrieve in heavy cover and in the running water. Duvick was a champ, as usual. Landon never puts Duvick on a leash because Duvick is really good about coming back to us when we call him and he's a pretty smart little puppy. though at the end of our walk he darted after this huge brown thing in the school field. Landon and i both thought it was a stump until it started to move and Duvick started to follow it with much curiosity (and a smart amont of caution). I was terrified! "LANDON!" Duvick didn't want to come back when landon blew the "come" command on his whistle. Instead he continued to follow Mr. Beaver, who was quite perterbed and waddling toward the river. Luckily, the beaver returned to the water and Duvick didn't. Wow, if Duvick would have licked him or tried to play with him, i'm sure that beaver could have distroyed our little pup. Welp, now we know that beavers live there, so we can use more caution in the future. I had never seen a beaver of that hugeness in my entire life - both landon and i didn't even know what it was until it started moving, it was ginormous!

oh, the adventures of the mid-west...

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