Sunday, October 19, 2008

Four Years of Marital Bliss

That's right! Landon and I celebrated our four year wedding anniversary on Friday. He picked me up from the airport at 8:30pm and when i got home, there were roses and a brie-mushroom fondue in the making! It was wonderful to sit together and not hurrying our meal to get to homework or whatever else. Fondue and champaigne was the most perfect way to celebrate! We sat and recollected our last 4 years. We have experienced A LOT in those four years and have grown so much as individuals and as a couple. Ha, I've been looking through our wedding pictures tonight thinking to myself, "wow - we looked SO young!". c'mon, it wasn't THAT long ago!


Brandon and Callie said...

AW! yay, i love the old pictures:) happy anniversary again!

em said...

happy anniversary! here's 96 more years...ha!

Sara said...

Happy Anniversary. Crazy how fast time flies!