Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall fun

As you know, i've been dabilitatingly stuck in my house for days. wait, no, months. I've been anticipating fall, but not yet experiencing it save the drizzly mornings outside of my window and watching my neighbors' leaves being tossed across my front lawn. Yesterday was the first day of fall for me, and i am still glowing over it!

Landon and i went to church. I brought a home-made almond roca latte (oh, by the way: Landon was pretty upset about my bringing coffee to church - is there a rule against this? I'm pretty sure my parents brought coffee with them everywhere before 12noon throughout my childhood - including church!).

When we got home i tended my "garden" (enter Landon's laughter here), where i did fall garden stuff like trimming everything back, emptying flower pots, pulling weeds. I did not plant anything, since we're getting up and out of here next summer.

Then i tended to caramels. Every year Landon's family meets together in the "mountains" of beautiful North Carolina to enjoy each other. We missed this celebration this year, so i brought some family tradition in his aunt's caramel recipe. This is the third time i've made it, and i think it's my best batch! But after it cools, it took me a few hours to sit down and cut it into tiny squares and squeeze each one between wax paper. But i got to listen to a new CD that i got at the convention - the ANNIE MOSES BAND is awesome!

Landon closed all of our storm windows. Now we are officially protected for the winter - closed into our little old house, safe and snug. No windy blizzard is going to make it through here.

Now - the best thing ever - Landon and Duvi and I went for a walk! I haven't been able to go on a walk for a very long time. My crutches hurt me within the first 15 minutes, the roll-about didnt' work on trails, and i've still been to sensitive to walk on anything except a flat surface. until yesterday! Landon was sweet to hold my hand and walk slowly. I finally got to experience my favorite thing about living here! We walked beside a lake with geese and ducks swimming around. Landon threw Duvick some retrieves and i got to watch my beautiful puppy in his greatest talent! We even got to walk into the woods a little bit and i got to stand underneath towering trees beneath a beautiful yellow canopy of leaves! and i got to touch the bark and smell the trunks of these massive trees. I loved it. It was a beautiful evening and the perfect day!


Anna said...

You have such a way with words Hannah. Who wouldn't want to come see you! It makes Gurnee an almost enticing place to visit. I love the pic of the tree in all it's glory and majesty and of Landon in the sun. If I were to equate people with a color (I'm an artist and can't help it) I would equate him with shades of tan, yellow and gold...It's a perfect reflection of him in some weird artistic way I think.

H. McBrayer said...

Anna - i love that you affiliate people with colors - that's amazing! I wish my thoughts were that creative and... colorful!

doons said...

i would equate myself with the color chrome, which is why i am getting a chrome, cubic zirconium grill on my top teeth