Monday, October 27, 2008


Today was my last day at the doctor! They took one last X-ray of my ankle and the doctor said that it looks amazing and that i don't ever have to come back. Horray!

I have been walking without the boot now for a week and i started driving last week also. i love the freedom and landon loves dinner on the table! I am so so grateful. Dr. G told me that i still won't be running for another 8 weeks (bummer), i didn't even ask about winter sports - not many people know much about those around here anyway. I've been so amazed at how quickly my body has been healing this whole time. I am continually amazed at God's creativity and brilliance in how he has created our bodies!

Thanks to everyone for your continual thoughts and prayers for my ankle. I am so happy to say that i am very well.

I finally start back at Starbucks next Monday. I still get to keep my handicap parking sticker through December. yahaha.


Lindsey said...

yay...time to go climbing!

Brianne Michelle said...

Hannah - this is so amazing! Praise the Lord! Did you get to burn the boot? or is that too much, haha ;)