Thursday, October 9, 2008

Moments from Home

The leaves aren't changing much yet. I can still hear the cicadas buzzing in our silver maples. though the last week has been cool enough to turn on the heater and shut the windows - so i know that fall is here! Right now i'm drinking warm tea and enjoying the scent of an autumn candle burning on my desk while i work.

Not much new around here. Welcome to our daily life.
Landon slipped Duvi into one of his t-shirts (which is in the laundry as we speak). Duvick didn't like it too much. Poor little guy is our only friend out here, so we enjoy his company a little more than we probably should.

I told you that my mums are smiling this fall after i accidentally killed them last year! Well, Duvick stepped on one of them and killed it, so i brought it inside and i'm loving having fall flowers in the house!!! Mums are especially enjoyable with toffee nut lattes in moose mugs with cinnamon on top!

Time to don our bed with flannel sheets!

Last night i happened to ruin a batch of cookies! Oopsie! I use the same recipe every time i make chocolate chip cookies because i found one that is better than the rest. They don't usually turn out like this!

Duvick sleeping in our front yard in the first sun we've seen in days. Right now he's barking at some poor walker by. Haha, since we don't have a fence people get truly frightened when he runs full speed toward them barking - he's a big boy. but he never crosses his invisible fence, of course. He's a good dog.

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