Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pictures of Mom and Dad's visit to Chicago

Mom and Dad with their eldest on the edge of Lake Michigan. This is the first time we've ever done a "family" trip without my little sister. Weird, huh? We missed her.
Our trip to Chicago. Mom doesn't want to go to museums, and neither she nor i could do MUCH walking. So we hung pretty close to Millennium Park. The giant bean was the coolest thing for sure. Though i've never seen Chicago this crowded - ever. Maybe it was the AIDS walk or just the fact that it was a beautiful weekend and the Illinoians are anticipating another harsh winter here.
Mom and i holding up the bean! I think it's funny that dad was sweet enough to cut off my roll-about in this picture - and you can see it in the reflection! Ha! Quite honestly, i was quite a popular attraction in downtown Chicago that day!
Looking at Chicago from the edge of the lake.
Landon looks so hot in this picture. I look pretty strange - he must have been snapping my bra or something. He does look pretty devious.
Between the two of us, we have a $850 pair of boots!
On Friday mom and i went shopping and Landon took Dad out on the canoe to the Des Plaines river. They went on a run that usually takes landon and i 3 hours and did it in 90 minutes! But i guess Dad's a pretty ambitious paddler. I just sit on the canoe and enjoy the ride until landon tells me to paddle on one side or the other. that probably makes a big difference.
my handsome hubby
watching Duvick retrieve a dummie Sunday before their trip to the airport.

Other things not pictured: Friday i played for them at starbucks. Afterward we had drinks and appetizers at Olive Garden. Saturday we finished our fun evening with a trip to visit Landon at Erehwon and then the 4 of us went out to dinner in this cute town known for its restaurants. We went to a great little French restaurant called Froggy's. Sunday morning we ate breakfast at Wildberry, a great breakfast place i've always wanted to try! The 2 1/2 days they were here were PACKED with stuff - we were very busy and our weekend went by so quickly! It was great to have them here and i miss them! Thanks for the visit, mom and dad!

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