Saturday, October 18, 2008

Be a follower!

So today i signed into blogger and found this really awesome new feature on my blogger dashboard. I can choose to be a "Follower" of any blog. Right now, i daily check about 25 blogs - (wow, that's embarrassing to admit - i"ve never counted them until today)- what a waste of time! Well, actually it is NOT a waste of time to me, because they're YOUR blogs and i really want to keep in touch while Landon and i are out here. so, i added all of your blog URL's to my followers list. The cool thing about this feature, is that when i sign in to blogger, it will show me which of you have updated your blogs! AWESOME, so i don't have to check ALL of them each day because i know when they're updated. this will be a time saver and i can still keep in touch with y'all!

i'm stoked about this. really think this is awesome! so, i've added the follower's option to my blog, not to develop a following, but rather just to make it easier for you to become a follower of my blog if you have a list of blogs that you check every day also. And i could have added an option for you to "subscribe" to my blog, but who really wants to subscribe to EVERY blog they read!? My email inbox is bombarded enough already!! This never sends emails, it's simply a feature on your blogger dashboard.

so, i hope that helps you get organized with your blog-reading time maintenance. Thanks for keeping in touch via our blog - my dear friends and family, you mean so much to Landon and I! Blessings!

For more information on "following", read this!

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Brandon and Callie said...

yes, that was Jesus visiting us for the weekend:) if y'all come and visit (or visa versa) we'll have to play a game of heart for old times' sake! we miss you!