Tuesday, October 20, 2009

lifetime percentages

I was talking to my sister and telling her that I've been with ACSI for over 3 years now. And just saying it out loud sounded like a long time. Having a calculator right in front of me, i wondered what percentage of my life that is....and then i thought.....this is fun:

yeah that's me. (picture by Denae during our senior year. funny.)

So here's the Hannah lifespan percentage stats.
I've been:

  • working for ACSI: 3 years: 75% of my post-grad life
  • a McBrayer: 5 years, 63% of my adult life
  • following Jesus: 18 years: 69% of my entire life
  • living in Colorado: 24 years: 85% of my life (of the other 15%: every year except one has happened since i married the handsome Mr. McBrayer. Blame him for taking me on all these "adventures")
  • wearing braces: 6 years: 23% of my life. by the time i got them off, i had been wearing them 50% of my life. yikes! i'll keep my ortho dr.'s name anonymous - since he did such a great job.
  • wearing glasses/contacts: 14 years: 46% of my life
  • kissing boys: 10 years: 38% of my life - only a particular boy 100% of the last 6 of those 10 years. 
  • in school: 17 years; 65% of my life. Landon's been in school for 20 years; 77% of his entire life. and probably none before his earliest recollections. sheesh.
  • drinking coffee: 7 years: 27% of my life; 88% of my adult life
  • committed to child sponsorship:  8 years: 31% of my life; 100% of my adult life
  • cooking: 5 years; 19% of my life; 100% of my married life.
  • renting/ moved out of M&D's: 8 years: 100% of my adult life
  • singing: 22 years: 85% of my life
  • playing an instrument: 19 years: 73% of my life

Well, that was interesting. Not sure what else needs to be on that list....