Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Some conversations with JP and Anna this last weekend have me thinking about my Christianity. I don't really even like calling it that. I am committed to pursuing truth. I want to know and represent God. And I'm not really sure that the line between truth and love is really that defined. I think if the TRUTH that I know is Jesus Christ, then love follows - it is not a choice between the two.

Is there really a line? Truth is important. In seeking truth, i have found Christ. And in Christ is Love love love.

In this video, Mr. Religious scares me. He's funny, but he is also a good representation of me sometimes. I hope i can be more like Authentic. I hope I can follow the example of Christ in every little thing, and not be quick to pass judgement or make a statement.

Living Spring Christian Fellowship has put together a whole series of similar videos. They're pretty awesome. Check them out.


Erin said...

I love this!!!!! Thanks for posting the video.

Sam Kurien said...

Thanks for posting this. How true this can be as I self introspect myself.