Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It feels like Christmas

Having Charleen and Mike here visiting us makes me feel so warm and cozy inside. We've had snow on the mountains, rainy days, and late nights of being dominated at cards (why are they always so good!?)

Last night after Landon tucked me in to bed and I was all alone in the room I laid there thinking, this feels like Christmas. Having family that we hardly ever see here in our home, anticipating waking and spending an entire day with them, was something I was reveling with such excitement. It felt like Christmas.

How strange.

But I seriously have been deeply blessed to have Landon's parents here with us these last few days. You know, it's wonderful to share your life with those that you love. Especially a place as beautiful and strange as Salt Lake City - you just have to have been here to really understand it. So i'm glad that they are here. And i can just see the excitement in Landon in our interactions and I know that he is so so grateful to have his parents here with him. Yesterday they asked him to drive them by his campus, and I could tell he was so happy to share that with them.

What a blessing it is to have loving family. We have been here almost two months and we have had both of our sets of parents here to visit, my sister, and JP and Anna helped us move this summer. We are so spoiled with the love and company of family.

Speaking of which, we just bought our season passes to Snowbasin. It's cheaper to ski Snowbasin than most of the other resorts here in Utah (only $62 for a day pass and kids ski free), and it's pretty much a ski place for locals, as there is no lodging near by and all visitors go to Park City. It's less than a 30 minute drive from our house to the base of the lift. Sooooooo, you should come out here! It's snowed twice this last week in the high country, so we should be able to hop on the mountain pretty soon - definitely by Thanksgiving! Open invitation!

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Anna said...

That's great. So maybe we should bring our skiis?!?