Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm having a pretty crappy day. bad day. really stressed out. not sure if i've gotten my heart-rate below 100 since before 6a. 37 degrees. pouring rain, even thundering a bit. gray, really gray day. the grass is a muddy mess and the driveway is ice. just want to sleep or watch a movie. but my heart is pounding so hard with all the work that i must get done. worked 6 hours at starbucks today. have worked 6 extra hours there in the last 5 days in account of a co-worker who is a pain in the...

well, i thought i would post some things that make me HAPPY lately! really, there are things!!!

First thing: my hunny
gotta love the study-hair. working hard writing his thesis
he hoards pens and chapstick. i have no idea why he needs all of these. but i think this is SO adorable for some reason. and he keeps a childhood picture of his dad (secured by electrical tape) on his desk always - sweet.
i woke a few days ago to find mr deer on the window in the bathroom shower

My little guy
he just had SO much fun tearing apart the toothpaste box - now he's taking a nap. cute, huh?
bought myself roses.
my new glasses!
this beautiful picture of Colorado trees in our bedroom - with our beautiful bed and awesome flannel sheets.
Janelle sent me a package with a dress to wear to the big event next month, CDs, and some love from mom and dad too!
girl scout cookies!

wow, breathing much deeper now. i feel so much better...i really do.


Anna said...

Stressed out?!? I can't imagine why. I just want to go to sleep right now too. I crave a movie as well. Maybe we should try to plan doing this while we are in GA. I wish I had a sister to send me something to wear to the big day too! Today, I got sunscreen in Aeneas's eyes which made him look like his dog just died and then totally forgot to change his diaper in the chaos of getting to ski lessons on a morning without cereal (cream of wheat to the rescue), doing some skiing myself and then trying to make it back to the base for Patrick. By 11:30 I realized, Aeneas had worn the same diaper since 7 that morning. And the cheap ones don't compensate. Totally wet from the waist down, shoes, socks, bibs, pants. So I scrambled to strip him, wipe him down and then put his coat back on him upside down to cover his legs and threw him back in the pack without shoes or socks to add another 20 min to his already 3 hour ride time to go get Patrick. So all that to say, you could be Aeneas! Maybe his day was worse, although not in the stressful sort of way but more in the uncomfortable way. I received no mother of the year awards on this remarkable day!

Lindsey said...

i LOVE the new glasses!

Lindsey said...

and...hang in there...i'm praying for you!

em said...

hang in there!! praying for you, beautiful lady :) i was smiling by the end of your post, so i'm glad it made you feel better because it worked for me! love to you and i also love your new glasses.

Brandon and Callie said...

I love you Hannah!! You are not alone. gray days always make me want to lay around, drink coffee, and watch movies. I recognize the picture on your fridge :) your new glasses are adorable! and if you need a vacation, oregon is beautiful in the summer :)