Thursday, February 19, 2009


When i blog i like to use interesting pictures (ie: none that i've taken), so i head on over to and i TRY to make sure to credit the artist, but sometimes i just save beautiful pictures and use them days later and have no clue where they came from (i'm so sorry whomever you are!)

yesterday as i was searching for a picture of something in particular and i came across this photographer's "photo stream" and sat there looking through each and every picture almost in tears over the captions. Tom Stone takes portraits of people "living on the edges of society". he walks the streets of San Francisco and sees people who are destitue, takes a seat beside them, gets to know their story, becomes their friend, and takes their picture. Each picture in his gallery has the story of the person in the portrait. It is a beautiful compilation and i am really "enjoying"(in quotes because it's actually really heart-wrenching to read a lot of it, but it's so moving that it is meaningful = enjoying) looking through each picture and getting to know these people.

You can visit his photo stream at the link above or see his personal gallery website. .

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