Monday, February 16, 2009

i am so grateful for you

photo by clumsy bird

Sometimes i feel so alone out here in the abyss (not cyberspace, silly, Illinois!), and it is so comforting to know that you are there even though i am here. and right now as i type this and listen to my awesome play list and plan to cook dinner are there: striving, cooking, reading, driving, sleeping, working, and trying hard to make ends meet and trying to love those that mean so much to you while you continue to discover and express yourself and amidst all of this wanting God's will and his glory above all... and you amaze me. and i am so inspired by you. and if you are wondering if i mean you or someone else, i mean YOU!!!

love you. thanks for your commitment (and i don't mean reading my blog, i mean loving me).

i just...

am so grateful for you is all.


Lindsey said...

I don't cook so it obviously isn't about me! :)

[Hailes] said...

you're so sweet. i love you too. even though you never called me back.

Britta said...

You're with me each and every day, thoughts and prayers. Wish you were here in person, though!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!