Saturday, February 21, 2009


okay, so i NEVER do this (post 3 posts in one day - sheesh!- once CJane did this and i was so frustrated i couldn't keep up and i was thinking, "who does she think she is? posting so much in one day - does she actually think that we care enough to keep reading!? i guess i did.) well, at the risk of getting the same response from you, here is post numero tres.

i just found this new application and thought that YOU might really like it - with your exciting lives and beautiful babies and all. Mine is about tattoos. HA! boring. but take a look and maybe you'll want to try it.
Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook: Tattoos that i like
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the application downloaded in 15 seconds for me and it took me just a minute to put it together. and it's free!


Cindi said...

i love this! i was going to go with ashley (new shift) soon as we both get our tax returns. i really think you should go with. i want to do this with you before you leave and i have to come chase you around the country/world in order to get together! ;)

Anna said...

Hannah- I think you are weird. Some of your favorites (aside from the foot tattoo, which I actually liked) were super huge. I didn't know you were thinking of somthing THAT big. The program seemed pretty cool. Wonder if you can change the elevator music to something more hip.

Hannah said...

don't worry, anna, i wouldn't do a super huge tattoo - but i DO think they are awesome! i'm thinking more along the lines of those foot tattoos. no worries.

Lindsey said...

I'm gonna agree with Anna on this one...some of those are a little much! haha! But, I know you would never do something that big!

Sarah said...

Foot tattoos are the way to go. I've had a little purple and orange flower (about the size of a quarter) on the top left side of my left foot since '96 and have NEVER regretted it. SO easy to hide if necessary! Got it with my best friend and that was the most special part. GO FOR IT!