Tuesday, February 3, 2009

sunshine shower

I've had this awesome priviledge of living in 2 houses that have full size windows in the shower. In college, i lived in a big and huge and beautiful house with 4 other girls (one of their dads built it but their family was in CA for the year so we rented it for cheap - it was amazing!). Because i was accustomed to living alone before, they thought that i should have the bedroom at the bottom of the stairs that had its own bathroom (didn't have to twist my arm!!!).

This house was on a steep hill of Colorado pines and had an amazing view out the main room (of all windows) at Pikes Peak. I still can't believe i ever lived there. But my room was in the back of the house and i had amazing mornings waking to see a deer standing outside of my bedroom window - no reason to close the shades - there were no houses behind us) And i loved showering when the sunshine would come in and ride down the water - it was a wonderful way to start the day.

And here, in our little house, we have a fullsized window inside of our little shower. Even at night i turn off the light in the bathroom and shower in the moonlight. I just love showering in the natural light. It is much more peaceful (well, especially because our light and our fan are attached to the same switch - so when the light is on in the bathroom, the fan is always roaring).

Just love it.

Some day i hope to live somewhere where i can actually shower outside. When we were in Thailand we stayed at a place that had a stone shower outside - it was just amazing.

Anna, didn't you and JP live in a place with an outdoor shower?


kcknoles said...

ooh, I love this, too! I had one house with a window in the shower, and I loved keeping the lights off (or just lighting a candle) and showering in the semi-dark. I'm glad you have this fun refuge in your house!

Merritt said...

jp and anna did - and the only time that i used it, the gas man walked up to read the meter while i was standing there buck-naked!!! (with a towel no where in sight!) true story!

Anna said...

Ha! I love that story of Merritt in our shower. The meter was right beside the outdoor shower and the window to our kitchen. I thought it would be romantic to fix lunch in the nude one day and alas, it was meter checking day again. Agh! Those guys fought over who "had" to come check our meter at our little cabin in the woods. (For the record, even grilled cheese in the nude isn't the greatest idea. You don't realize what your clothes protect you from until you try doing stuff without them! I wouldn't recommend it.)

Hannah said...

oh my gosh, i love these stories!!! so so funny!