Monday, February 23, 2009

in therms

photo by unlikelymoose
Something i found interesting...

My gas bill is atrocious this time of year (as i'm sure are many of yours). Each month's statement gives the average outside temperature for that month. Thought i'd share them with you over this last year:

February 2008: 21 degrees F
March 2008: 28 degrees F
April 2008: 42 degrees F
May 2008: 54 degrees F
June 2008: 65 degrees F
July 2008: 72 degrees F
August 2008: 74 degrees F
September 2008: 69 degrees F
October 2008: 61 degrees F
November 2008: 46 degrees F
December 2008: 26 degrees F
January 2009: 18 degrees F
February 2009: 23 degrees F

Just to give you a better idea of life up/over/out here


Sara said...

Brutal January!!!! i'm ready for spring!

Brandon and Callie said...

i second the spring idea :)
i made a purchase on etsy today and thought of you...miss you!

Merritt said...

glad brent didn't "match" in chicago for fellowship - the kids and i would be stir-crazy being indoors 24/7!!!

elmhurst erik said...

Thanks for coming across my Chicago skyline photo and providing a link to my Flickr page. I haven't looked at the photo in quite some time. Those are some crazy clouds.