Saturday, February 21, 2009

another funny....

so i shouldn't admit this - i don't want landon to feel any more pressure than he already does when it comes to getting into PhD programs next year. but i've already started to just glance through a few properties in boulder, CO just to give me an idea (in the SLIGHT chance that we'll be there in 4 months(!!!!!!)). Okay, so somehow i got on a email list and i get an email every time a new property is listed within my search criteria.

today i got this discription on a old miner's cabin built in 1886 for $350,000:
This home has a beautiful setting next to a genital stream with large trees and white picket fence. There is a mine on the property (don't go in)!
I replied to the email saying that a genital stream sounded pretty interesting and i wondered if they had a picture so i could get a better idea. Maybe they'll take me off their mailing list.

just thought that was so funny that i couldn't keep it to myself!

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Sara said...

Hahaha. The ski-suit and the property hilarious. Definitely made my night (and I was having a good night to start with, so double made it ;)