Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Need to Praise

photo by Robyn Walsh
I could see at least for a moment how if you ever took truly to heart the ultimate goodness and joy of things, even at their bleakest, the need to praise someone or something for it would be so great that you might even have to go out and speak of it to the birds of the air.
Frederick Buechner, "The Need to Praise"

I was having "Hannah time" today and was really struck by this while i was reading bits of Buechner. And it was a good reminder. Man, my attitude is so crappy lately. I'm sure i can find more to be grateful for and so many praiseworthy things in life besides financial and material provision in this scary time (of this i have been overwhelmingly and constantly SO THANKFUL for - especially as i see many many friends and coworkers desperately struggling...). Today i was praying that God would bring someone to speak some encouraging truth into my life - i have been so discouraged lately. I just asked him to minister to me and for my heart to be open to that ministry (i'm sure he brings those instances into my life often and i don't even see them because i am so consumend in other things). And i'm not sure if it was Buechner's writing that God had intended to be my minister, but either way, i was blessed by this truth today....and many others.

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Anonymous said...

I know this is like a month late but...maybe it will be your 'encouraging word' 3 days late.

It was a great time seeing ya'll over Xmas. Callie and I truly felt refreshed spending time with you and Doons. There is something about spending quality time with those friends who are so close to you that refreshes the soul. there is nothing like drinkin a home brew in the house of some great friends. I can't wait till we get a chance to spend some time with ya'll again. Who knows...maybe we'll get to spend good time together in Africa?? :)

Just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and Doons! I hope you have a wonderful day...and week.