Monday, March 2, 2009

in the cold of March

March is here! I don't really remember starting February, let alone finishing it, but time flies when you're having fun! ha!

I had a REAL weekend this last weekend it was WONDERFUL. i had both days off at Starbucks, which doesn't happen too often. I went to work with landon on Saturday to the Deerfield Outdoor Show where his job was to teach kids how to rock climb on the climbing wall - or pretty much just belay all day. I met him there after a quiet morning spent reading, journaling and drinking coffee. it was GREAT to put my climbing harness on again and i just LOVE, LOVE to teach kids to climb. Landon and i often did this while we were in Kenya - it was part of our job there, so it was fun to do it together again. I love to see Landon teaching kids how to climb - he is so patient and sweet to them. I love kids in general and had a BLAST!!!

It is still cold here. Yesterday i took Duvick for a walk beside the creek for an hour. I sent him to chase geese, and he pretty much just ran through the woods whil i walked on the dirt/ice trail beside the river. It was wonderful to be among all of the beautiful trees - and i was completely alone for that hour (besides Duvi) - no one else out here ever ventures outside when it's cold. It was SO cold that Duvick came upon a frozen squirrel. The squirrel and my completely frozen cheeks, buns, toes, and legs made me realize that it probably was time for us to head back home.

When i got home i discovered these daffodils!
I was just amazed! where do they find the strength and energy to grow when they live in the frozen earth? Aren't they early? Well, anyway, i'm excited they're here! I couldn't believe that in the same day i saw a frozen dead squirrel and the beginning of such beautiful life in our Spring flowers! hooray!

This morning we woke to snow and it's still snowing now.


Sara said...

That is pretty crazy you saw a frozen squirrel. Seems like something you should only see in the movies. Glad you had a relaxing weekend!!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry, but that image of the frozen squirrel completely made my day. haha.
poor thing...

Merritt said...

oh hannah - i'm glad you finally had a good day! i understand the need for some quality alone time! and i must admit that the frozen squirrel was bizarre! can't wait to see you next week!