Tuesday, March 3, 2009

things i'm LOVING lately

******just so you know, i opened blogger to write a post yesterday (Tuesday) but didn't get around to doing it until today (Wednesday). So, the date isn't right - just so you know:)*****


my beautiful, loving, sarcastic, and absolutely HILARIOUS in-laws. I get probably 10 emails every day from McBrayers(parnells/merritts) LOVE IT!

Kate Rusby. She is FANTASTIC!!!

My nose ring! It is becoming what i wear most. i just love it.

Gail Godwin. Justin and Anna turned me on to her books and she is such an amazing writer. Check out her books if you get a chance. My library has 8 of them.

my "wicked good" L.L.Bean slippers (that's what their website calls them!)

The Olive Bar! I love chowin' down on this healthy snack!

AND yesterday i didn't have to go into work at all! My boss called me the night before because all restaurants in Waukegan were closed because they found some amount of fecal matter in the water - i guess the boiling system wasn't working at the water plant or something. that's what i heard today, anyway. gross. SO, i got a free day from Starbucks, which was awesome!


Lindsey said...

the sleep-walking dog is hilarious...tjasha has it on her blog too...weird!

Nicole Dow said...

the sleep walking dog is great. The fecal matter not so great! Gross to think about really. Thankful for the brita

aaron said...

ha, i stinkin' love the dog... The water thing is really nasty though. I am glad that everyone was protected from the secret ingredient.

Anonymous said...

hey! I totally had that dog video on my blog/facebook this morning too! completely made my day! haha.

Charles said...

Nose ring....Ack!

Brooke Hereth said...

i luv it all and then there is the olive bar :)