Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wedding Celebration in Georgia!

The absolute JOY of being surrounded by the honest yet unconditional love of family is a rare and beautiful gift. I was so blessed to be with the McBrayers last week.
We had so much fun gathering together for Haley and Joel's wedding! It was a beautiful occasion and they were dearly celebrated! Right now, though, we are desperately sleep deprived from late nights with each other and early mornings with babies. And THEY are in Can-cun! Hope they're having fun and enjoying each other - i don't doubt it.
Landon and i were remarking of our nieces and nephews and what fun little people they are! Finally "the four" (2 boys and 2 girls all born in 2007) are over one year old and have their own precious and hilarious personalities! Patrick has somehow become a little BOY in the last 9 months since i last saw him and is full of energy, creativity, curiosity, and sweetness! Avery is almost 3 years old and she is so cute! She is very precise and speaks in full sentences. She is a loving cousin and an adorable toddler. I really really miss watching this kiddies grow on a more regular basis, but i really enjoy seeing them when i get the opportunity!
There were 23 of us in a 5 bedroom house for a few nights. What FUN to all be together!!! We spent evenings around the kitchen table playing cards and a McBrayer favorite: "where will you be in five years?" which says a lot about you and gets us updated on things quickly. We played the same game last February at our camping trip and NO ONE has the same plan for their next 5 years as they did last year. Ha, i'm glad we're not the only ones.

God is really at work in our family and it is amazing to see the family GROW and members thrive. I was so encouraged by the brothers and sisters and just desperately needed that love and support that i have been so starved for out here.

and thanks to Merritt for the pictures!


Merritt said...

it was wonderful! very chaotic at times but so fun to have everyone together. enjoyed that late night talks but am paying for it now!!! love you!

Sara said...

Sounds like great fun! Glad you got to spend some much needed time with family. Now we just have to find a time hopefully in the next few months that we get to spend some much needed time with you!!! :)

crystal noelle said...

When did the 5 years game happen?? How did we miss out on that?