Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring found me looking for her

A week ago, i noticed my 7:30 bed time was just touching the end of dusk. Strange to me, to be brushing my teeth when i can still see the trees blowing in the wind through the window. So i pushed it to 8pm - just makes me feel more normal.

And somehow in my mind, i thought that these lighter evenings meant Spring was here (and it IS technically). So Landon made us a Greek salad with chick-pea patties and we decided to eat outside. I gathered my Spring placemats and cloth napkins to enjoy our Greek feast. After less than 10 minutes we moved everything into the house. I realized it was 42 degrees. Duh. Spring dinners outside will have to wait awhile.

And today we woke to the most beautiful snow. After these clouds dumped on Colorado giving you all a blizzard of "historical proportions" and 2 "snow days", it paid us a visit last night. It was amazing to wake to 6 inches of snow once again. It was a beautiful day! Landon and i took Duvick for a walk beside the river, below the trees which were dumping wet clumps of snow on us as we walked below their branches. It was a beautiful day! And in the distance rising over the tree tops were some dense, dark clouds. Though, when i simply glanced in their direction, in that moment they were a mountain range. How foolish. After these many months here, I still see mountains on the horizon. Why does my mind do that? Well, pretty soon i won't have to make-believe mountains any longer, they will be real and I will be among them again. woo hoo!

Spring is here!


em said...

beautiful pictures and what looked like a delicious meal!! oh i'm so glad you feel hopeful again and can't wait until word on the school is final! :)

Merritt said...

same story here - i put avery in a dress for school today and she kept telling me that she "always wears pants" when we go places....i promised her that it would be warm when she played outside at school so she would be glad to have no pants....and when i picked her up from school, the first thing she said was "it wasn't warm at school!"

Anna said...

We tried the park for a picnic today. It looked awesome outside. But alas, we were too cold and even the kids agreed (the boys that don't wear jackets!). I do not care for the wind here. That is for sure. And there was plenty of it.